Garden Planters – Fabulous For Showing Off Your Gardening Skills

You have done a little gardening in the backyard, but when you look out the back door you essentially see your deck, then a lot of green. Sure, you know there are 27 different exotic plants, among other things, in your well loved garden, including that imported flower that you have been babying for the past four months, yet from a distance, they are not discernible. It’s all just a jumble of foliage.

This is not the best way to showcase your green thumb. You need a backyard area that pops. When you look out the back door you need to see definition. You should immediately know this is a real gardener’s space and that the plants all have their place within it. You need garden planters.

Garden planters seem like such a simple solution, but they will do wonders for your backyard. Generally garden planters are wooden boxes or even hanging wire framed pots that will let you separate your plants, give them each their own space in the garden area, and let each one stand out for its uniqueness.

Garden planters are easy to maintain. In the same way you plan out your garden design, you will decide where to set the garden planters in your yard, just where you want your plants to be. You don’t have to worry about having perfect soil in the yard, or working the soil until it’s better for the plants, you can just toss a bag of potting soil in the garden planters and they are ready to take in your plants.

If you have grown tired of crawling on the ground to deal with your plants and would like a more comfortable alternative, garden planters may be about to become your best friend. Age takes a toll on everyone and sometimes it become more and more painful to get down with the plants that we so love to work with. Instead of letting them get out of hand, think of moving them up to a more comfortable level. Garden planters don’t have to be just at ground level, they can also be elevated to make it easier for you to work with your more finicky plants.

When you are sick of constantly tangling with that exotic plant that you love the look of, but wants to run all over the rest of your garden, garden planters are a great way to keep that plant a little more under control in it’s own area.

Showcase gardens are also very popular today, and for these we go to garden planters of another variety, dressy as well as practical. General garden planters are simple woods or terra cotta. They look nice, but are nothing too fancy. But for a showcase garden, there are garden planters that look like they were created by Michelangelo himself. Some are statues that have a place to put a special plant within the design. Other showcase garden planters are beautiful marble or ceramic pots that are designer pieces in themselves, which can be put on a pedestal with one of your prized blooms safely set inside.