Why Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater is Chosen Over Its Counterparts

More and more people are choosing an electric tankless hot water heater over its gas and propane counterparts. The reasons are actually varied from household to household. However, not all people are supporting this case.

It is a fact given by not just only one tankless water heater review that this electric heater is the best among others of its kinds. Therefore, this heater is more recommended to most consumers. This is significantly because of the following reasons:

• Cost. The primary reason why electric instantaneous water heaters are better is because of their low initial purchase cost. For a whole house application of an electric heater, it will cost only around 500 to 700 dollars. On the other hand, for gas or propane, it will cost more than a thousand bucks.

• Efficiency. The energy efficiency of electric ones is around 98 percent. However, the gas and propane tankless water heaters have 80 to 85 percent efficiency. This means that electric heaters give a lower operating cost in the long run.

• Installation. The electric water heater is basically very simple to install. On the other hand, its counterparts require complex venting as well as combustion requirements.

• Maintenance. The electric heater does not require too much of a maintenance. The truth is that it is only the inlet screen filter that must be cleaned for its maintenance. As compared to the other tankless heaters, they require an annual inspection by a qualified technician to be sure that the performance as well as fuel combustion is still fine.

• Safety. Especially for people that are not comfortable with using natural gas or propane, the electric water heater is a good choice. This demonstrates more safety as homeowners usually know the safety measures in operating electric-powered devices.

• Repair. In cases there will be problems, the electric heaters are easier to troubleshoot and repair. This is because of the simplicity of their design. On the other side, because of the complexity of the controls and exchangers in the gas and propane units, it is difficult to even diagnose any problem. Therefore, the service of a professional is needed and will give way to more expenses. Much more, replacement parts of these units can be more expensive.

• Electricity availability. It is also a good choice to get the electrical water heaters if there is a good source of electricity in your area. Same with people choosing gas heaters because of the abundance of natural gas, the electrical abundance must also be considered. So if one lives in an area with a great power supply, this is a good choice. This is simply because water is heated on demand here. Therefore, there is a constant need of a good power supply.

With all these reasons, it is no wonder why a lot of people are choosing the electric tankless hot water heater. Indeed, from the savings it gives from the first time of purchase to the cost of operation, this kind of heater tends to serve everybody well.