Halloween Decoration: Trick or Treat?

Halloween doesn’t get everyone’s vote, but it does get our family’s. How much you enjoy it depends on how you view the holiday: for us it is a great excuse to have fun together and get a chance to dress up, and is therefore a firm favorite in our home. One of the things we enjoy most is getting the decorations out: from large spiders to eerie ghosts, everything is an excuse to have fun. There is only rule when it comes to Halloween decorating: anything goes so long as it’s spooky or scary, so big hairy spiders get their day!

There are of course various levels of decorating, from a simple carved-out pumpkin in the window to a fully decked out haunted mansion. I love taking a drive around town on Halloween to see what other people have done: it is always a treat to see a home where Halloween decorating has been taken to a fine art! Some decors can be quite intricate and normally pretty suburban front yards metamorphose for the night into the most unbelievably spooky arrangements. I have seen yards transformed into realistic cemeteries, complete with fog machine, special lighting, sound effects and spider webs galore. A well decorated home is usually a good indication that the owners have stocked up on tasty treats, and should be well worth a visit when you take your children trick or treating.

Some people like to carry the decorating theme on indoors, and don’t stop with straightforward schemes either, turning their homes into fully-fledged haunted houses. These folks go into a lot of trouble decorating their homes, and must really enjoy the process to go to such length. For them it is about dazzling the trick or treaters that may venture in. These days, however, parents rarely let their progeny enter a stranger’s home: it only take a handful of bad apples to spoil the fun of the holiday, so it hardly seems worth the risk.

Nowadays you can find just about anything you could wish for to have some serious fun decorating your home for Halloween. The only limits are your imagination and budget.
Shop locally for stylish trinkets and unusual objects, or expand your search to the Internet. The web gives you worldwide access to weird and wonderful things that you would never even have thought off, as well as the bare essentials: no matter what you are looking for, it is available online somewhere.

Decorating Your Wedding Car

Decorating the wedding car is one of the most fun and creative aspects of the wedding. There are two times the wedding car can be decorated. There are the decorations that are placed on the car when the bride is riding to the wedding destination. There are also the decorations that are placed on the car after the wedding when the bride and groom are on the way to the reception. The first set of decorations should be elegant, while the second set of decorations should be fun and unique.

Sometimes the bride and groom will want the car the bride rides in to the wedding to be decorated. When this occurs the car is usually decorated in an elegant fashion. Bouquets of flowers are placed on the hood of the car, near the side view mirrors, attached to the windows and in the rear window. The flowers are attached to the car with different colored ribbons, or white string. When choosing which color and what types of flowers to use for the wedding car decorations, it would be good if they followed the theme chosen by the bride and groom. The flowers should reflect the preferences of the bride and groom.

Sometimes the friends of the bride and groom decorate the wedding car before the newlywed couple ride in it to the reception. This type of decoration is usually informal and the design is at the discretion of the person decorating the car. Usually a “Just Married” sign is attached to the back of the car. Recently people have started using window markers to write the “Just Married” sign across the rear window. Other messages can be written on the windows of the car. Car chalk can be a cheap way to write messages on the doors and hood of the car. Traditionally cheap tin cans are tied to the rear bumper of the car with string and they make noise as the couple rides down the street to the reception.

Ideally a couple only gets married once in their life. The wedding can take months and sometimes years to plan. The couple takes time to choose the colors they will use in their wedding, the flower arrangements, dresses for the bride and wedding party, and so many more things. Likewise, time, effort and consideration should be taken when decorating the car for the wedding party and reception. Decorating the vehicle is an opportunity to get very creative. The decorations should be a reflection of the love and joy the bride and groom share.

Ideas For Kids Bathroom Decor

If you are lucky enough to have a separate bathroom for your kids you have a couple of options for the kids bathroom decor.

Your first option is to have the bathroom downsized to the children level, install lower sinks, soft flooring and a childish decor. However you would have to remodel the bathroom in a couple of years as kids grow up very quickly.

The second option is to keep adult size fixtures, and make the decor pleasing to children. This article will give you a few tips on how you can make the kids bathroom a place of their own without breaking the bank and in a way that can be changed easily as the children grow.

Decorating a kids bathroom is a rather fast process, it is in any case faster than if you were trying to decorate a bathroom that is shared by kids and adults.

Wall paint is a quick and easy thing to do, and it is very effective to bring in some bright colors. If the children are old enough you might consider their favorite color. It is not always possible to choose the colors that kids want so your judgement in guiding the choice of colors is important. Remember you can always repaint the walls. Once the wall have been painted you can simply use wall decals to move into a theme. Lastly adding a few accessories like rugs, towels, toothbrush holder in relation to the theme and your bathroom decor will be complete.

Popular themes for kids decor will vary by age groups. The younger children will be very happy with any of their favorite movie characters and you will find that all are available in stores and on line. Disney princesses with variations of lavender, pinks and blues will always be popular with little girls. Cars and sports and monsters themes are preferred by boys.

When children of a different gender must share a bathroom, they will probably agree to a neutral theme. Using bright colorful splashes work well for both boys and girls. For example there is a frisbee theme which offers a full line of accessories with simple bright colors. The theme is very appealing and modern. Animals in cartoon or stylized designs will also work well for both genders. Usually these will be available in many different color models.

The most important thing to remember is not to concentrate on the kids bathroom decor at the detriment of ensuring their safety. Use plastic accessories, round corners furniture, and make sure they cannot be burned by turning the water on too hot. There are devices on the market to prevent this type of accident.