The Effects of Flooring Prices on Home Design Trends

Though you might be tempted by a trendy new design when starting a home flooring project, it’s best to consider the longevity of both the materials and the style before making a final choice. You might be willing to pay more for something that will last longer, or you might be interested in a low-priced style that will tide you over for a few years. Because most people choose flooring based on their budgets, flooring prices have had a significant impact on home design trends. Manufacturers offer more affordable options than ever, in addition to timeless, high-priced styles.

Elegant Trends Demand High-Priced Styles
Without a doubt, hardwood flooring is one of the most popular trends in home design. Homeowners love the stylish, luxurious look of real hardwood floors, especially in areas like the living room, dining room and kitchen. However, hardwood floors sometimes come with a hefty price tag. The materials cost more, and they are harder to install. Many people are willing to pay higher flooring prices for real wood, as it is durable and adds a look of authenticity that other materials cannot match.

If you’re thinking about real hardwood floors, it’s important to protect your investment with proper maintenance. Wood is especially susceptible to moisture damage, so avoid putting it in an area where spills are likely, such as the kitchen. Additionally, you should plan to install extra insulation or window treatments to prevent moisture and light damage. The higher price tag can be worth the cost if you keep the floors in great shape.

The Popularity of Imitation Designs
While hardwood floors are an extremely popular trend, many people simply cannot afford the cost. The demand for affordable, high-quality imitations has influenced the growth of laminate flooring. For many homeowners, laminate flooring is a suitable alternative to the cost of real wood. Laminate flooring is made of synthetic materials that model the look of wood or stone through the use of a photographic layer. It also costs less and is easier to care for. While laminate flooring can expand slightly over time and can become warped with moisture damage, it is more durable than traditional hardwood floors or carpeting.

Alternative Trends that Meet in the Middle
Environmental concerns have also created a demand for eco-friendly flooring. Many manufacturers are using renewable materials like bamboo and cork to create sustainable designs. These products are better for the environment and are often produced with less energy. Generally, they also contain fewer chemicals, which is better for your family. Eco-friendly designs are usually priced moderately between other types of flooring. You’ll find styles available in a wide range of prices, which makes it easy to find a design to fit your budget. If you’re interested in saving the environment and saving on flooring prices, you might want to consider environmentally-conscious flooring materials.

Cutting Costs on the Project
When you want your flooring to look stylish without breaking the bank, it’s important to cut costs wherever you can. You can choose a lower-priced design, such as laminate flooring, or you can work to save on the additional costs like installation and delivery. For the best flooring prices, research your purchase in advance. Determine whether or not you’ll need professional installation, or whether you might be able to install the flooring yourself. Materials like laminate wood and carpet are easier to install than hardwood floors, but you can install any type of flooring with the right equipment and skills. Because so many homeowners choose to install their own flooring, many companies offer equipment rental. You should also look for free delivery specials, or a company that allows you to pick up the materials at a local store. If you’ll be hiring a professional to do the job, make sure to have the area clean and empty of furniture before he or she arrives in order to save more on the installation cost.

How to Take Care of Hardwood Floors to Last As Long As Possible

Your hardwood floor was a big investment and you probably want it to stay in good condition for as long as possible. However, you probably missed out on how to take care of it from the hardwood floor installer. You can actually hire people to maintain your hardwood floor but it can cost hundreds of dollars to do so. But with the right knowledge, you can do it yourself and save money.

The first thing you probably thought about is to how to keep the shine on your floor. Before you go out to buy any floor cleaner, you have to figure out what kind of flooring you have. By using the wrong products, you can damage your floor and make it look worse. For example, if you have hardwood flooring, you want to find cleaning products that work with hardwood flooring.

Keeping your floor clean is important. You should dust every single week and clean up any mess you make to prevent stains from setting in. What happens when you leave a stain is that they set in and you have to really scrub it to get it out. Scrubbing the floors can scratch and damage it so you want to avoid that as much as possible.

The second thing you can do is to use rugs. If you want your hardwood floor to last as long as possible, you will want to use rugs as they protect the floor. They are great as decoration as well. When using rugs, you also want to use rug pads as the dirt and dust trapped under your rug can scratch the floor. The rug pads will hold the rug in place so you don’t accidentally move it and do a number on the floor.

The third thing you can do is to use wax to make your floor shine. You want to buy a wax that will work with the type of flooring you have. You can apply a small amount of wax and use a cloth to rub the wax away. This works wonders for laminate flooring and will really bring your flooring back to life if it has lost its shine over time.

The fourth thing you have to take into consideration is making sure you use the right vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floors. You want a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar so that you can get into boards. The dust can really build up and regular vacuums cannot reach in to get all of it out.

So those are some of the things you need to know to take care of a hardwood floor. Your hardwood floor installer may not have told you everything you need to know. So it is best to learn everything you can to keep your floor in great condition. With the right care, your floors can last decades. Make sure you use the right products and cleaning methods depending on the type of floor you have.

Marble Flooring Is A Good Choice In Certain Situations

Marble flooring and granite flooring materials are widely popular and have seen a huge growth in sales over the past ten years or so. If you are considering new flooring material then marble flooring may be the perfect choice. This article will examine this flooring material closer o help you make a decision.

It is reported that sales for hard rock materials such as marble flooring and granite flooring have increased by over one thousand percent in the past few years. The class and elegance that this surface adds is one of the contributors to the huge spike in sales.

Marble makes for a very durable flooring material because it endures some very rigorous processing before it ever becomes marble. Most people are aware that the earth has extreme temperatures, but you may not be aware that this extreme temperature causes the limestone within the earth to crystallize and form marble. Because of this process the natural processing makes it very hard and excellent for flooring.

Since marble flooring is a natural product you will find that stain resistance is a natural built in benefit to choosing this type of flooring material. Marble flooring is extremely popular when installed in the entry ways of many homes. The fact that you can simply wipe up the marks from dirty shoes is real plus.

In the bathroom you may find that nail polish, shampoo, and other liquids are spilled all too often. With marble flooring you may need to worry about this fact some. You may need to resurface your marble flooring every few years to keep the shine and beauty, but these is really a benefit as you can restore this material very nicely and then have a brand new flooring without the trouble of removing and installing new flooring material.

There are some nice alternatives to marble flooring that may be less expensive, but you may be able to find some good deals at certain times of the year.